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About Reading Town Canada

The National Reading Campaign spent several years pinpointing what reading culture in Canada can and should look like. We know exactly why reading is so important, and what steps we can take to make Canada a nation of readers. For a some time, we talked about making one city an exemplary model of what a reading Canada would look like.

With the generous support of TD Bank Group, we were able to turn Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan into the first ever READING TOWN CANADA. For one week, May 3rd to 10th, 2014, the 35,000 citizens of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan wove reading into every aspect of their lives through a series of exciting, fun public events. A poem came with nearly every pizza delivered that week, citizens enjoyed ‘Reading Glens’  in Crescent Park, discovered books in their Welcome Wagon package, and found tiny lending libraries all over town. In fact, every child born in Moose Jaw between May 3rd and May 10th, 2014 received a small library of children’s books!

The following year in 2015, from May 2nd to 9th, the National Reading Campaign turned Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island into READING TOWN CANADA! Like Moose Jaw, Charlottetown harbours a true community spirit. We partnered with the incredible PEI Literacy Alliance and the Confederation Centre Public Library to bring all of the events that we saw in Moose Jaw and more to Charlottetown. 

In the interest of making Reading Town Canada a national event, the National Reading Campaign also partnered with Calgary Reads in order to hold a concurrent Reading Town in Calgary, Alberta specifically in the neighbourhoods of Inglewood and Ramsay.