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In this meaningful story about the family we choose, Vicki Grant, teen author of Betsy Wickwire’s Dirty Secret, brings her humouristic style to her latest novel, Short for Chameleon.

Working for his father as an employee of Almost Family, a business that supplies family members for hire, Cam is used to being anyone but himself. When a feisty senior citizen named Albertina threatens to blow his dad’s cover at a funeral and a beautiful, mysterious girl named Raylene shows up at his door asking to rent a brother, Cam is driven to take matters into his own hands. With Albertina and Raylene suddenly at the helm though, Cam’s skill at blending into any situation is about to be put to the test.

Thrown together through seemingly random encounters, Cam, Albertina and Raylene quickly become a team, rooting out genuine scam artists who prey on the vulnerable.

However, it quickly becomes clear that someone needs to protect others from this eccentric bunch, as their investigations lead to many hilarious moments involving Albertina pretending to be a lot more helpless than she actually is. While Albertina’s drive for justice motivates the group, Grant expertly reveals Raylene and Cam have their own compelling stories and reasons for helping Albertina out.


A surprising turn of events tests their resolve, but after having his life completely turned upside-down, Cam is finally ready to be seen. Part mystery, part romance, part vigilante justice, Short for Chameleon is all heart, providing memorable characters readers will wish were part of their family.