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Our Work


Our advocacy covers a range of issues related to reading. Currently, we’re focused on two issues: the joy of reading in schools, and the situation facing aboriginal readers. Join the NRC to add your voice to the chorus in support of the principles of the National Reading Plan.


Read, discuss, read, share, read, recommend. When you take your private reading public, you help raise the profile of reading’s importance, and transform Canada’s understanding of its benefits. Plus, it’s fun! Tell us why Reading Matters.


There’s a lot of excellent research about reading, but there are some significant gaps, particularly when it comes to Canadian data. We’re collecting relevant existing research and are working with other groups to conduct original research.  We’re looking at Canadian reading patterns, trends, demographics, and any other aspect that will support and inform the development of policy.

The National Reading Plan

Reading is essential to the quality of our lives and to our ability to take our place as citizens in a democracy. Over the past four years, hundreds of Canadians: readers, educators, librarians, publishers, parents, and writers from every part of the country have worked together to create a National Reading Plan. The National Reading Plan addresses ways to ensure that each of us — regardless of age, background, income level, level of education, or location — has access to reading of all kinds and in all platforms. The National Reading Campaign is engaged in putting this exciting and challenging plan into place from coast to coast. Read more…