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One of the best ways to get to know a country, its history and its culture is by reading its literature and non-fiction. For newcomers to Canada, there are lots of programs that focus on practical skills such as literacy in English or French, and job-hunting. Those skills are very important, but there is much more to becoming Canadian. The NRC Working Group on New Canadians surveyed available programs and reported back that there was a huge untapped resource to be developed through reading programs that not only could help people learn about Canada, but also develop higher-level language skills. And in addition to cultural and civic engagement, it noted that there was great potential for these kinds of reading programs to contribute to higher level employment and economic integration. Join Us is designed to fill this gap. To get started, we brought together librarians, educators and book lovers from across the country. After much deliberation, they chose a set of 10 Canadian book titles for adults, and 10 for children. For each of those 20 books we have now created a study guide to facilitate using the book in programs for New Canadians. Each study guide is intended:

  1. To engage New Canadians in the joy of reading Canadian books.
  2. To make the reading experience more accessible, engaging and satisfying.
  3. To enhance language, communication and critical thinking skills.
  4. To explore the issues of Canadian history, politics, geography, society, and culture through literature.
  5. To provide resources and ideas for further study and research.

We have also included a Facilitator’s Guide to the series to give additional background to anyone working with the individual guides. All of these guides are available to download, reproduce and forward to others who may wish to use them free of charge.  We invite you to do so. If you have questions or comments, please contact us at This project is inspired by the work of Communication-Jeunesse in Quebec and financed by the Counselling Foundation of Canada.

Books for Adults

Microsoft Word - A Complicated Kindness - Sample Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - Certainty Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - In the Skin of a Lion Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - Jade Peony Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - Louis Riel Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - Monkey Beach Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - The Return Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - Ru Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - tin flute cover.docx

Books for Young Readers

Microsoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docx Microsoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docx Microsoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docx Microsoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docx

Books for Middle-Grade Readers

Microsoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docxMicrosoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docx Microsoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docx

Books for Young Adult Readers

Microsoft Word - Cockroach Cover.docx