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Our Work

“You can borrow a book, but you get to keep the ideas.”

“Reading makes you more empathetic, but you already knew we felt that way.”

These are just two of the playful slogans on our print and tv ads from Reading Matters, our new public engagement campaign. Reading Matters is a three-year ad campaign that rolls out on television, and in newspapers and magazines. All of the ads talk about the great things reading does for us. But Reading Matters is more than an ad campaign. We want to get people in Canada talking online about why reading matters to them.




Did reading help you find a new way of looking at things? A career? The love of your life?  Share your stories and ideas with words, pictures and video. And since reading has done so much for so many, it’s time to return the favour and do something for reading. You can help spread the word on social networks, you can get involved in reading activities, or make more time to read to your kids. Click here to share your stories and ideas.  Click here to get involved. Reading Matters.  By opening a book, a blog or whatever you choose, you open yourself up to new ideas, cultures and perspectives.

Reading Matters because when Canada reads, Canada grows.

Here’s a summary of the many ways that reading matters to us all.