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The following bibliography provides a selection of articles and online resources relevant to the National Reading Campaign. If you have something to share, email

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Reading: The Facts

A highly-quotable summary, ‘Reading Matters’ outlines the many benefits of reading, and cites the research to back it up. From voting, volunteerism and vocabulary to health, happiness and higher incomes, reading affects every part of our lives. ReadingFacts

Bedtime Stories for Young Brains

Source: The New York Times “While we know that reading to a young child is associated with good outcomes, there is only limited understanding of what the mechanism might be. Two new studies examine the unexpectedly complex interactions that happen when you put a small child on your lap and open a picture book.”

Doctors recognizing that reading, writing can be therapeutic

The use of storytelling for our well-being is deeply rooted in human history, from fairy tales that teach moral lessons, to religious texts that wrestle with valleys of despair and mountains of hope, to poetry that purges the writer’s soul. Recently, doctors and psychologists have begun looking at the health effects of reading and writing with... Read more »

Children’s Book Week celebrates the joy of reading

Children’s Book Week has been an annual celebration to boost reading at an early age. Children’s Book Week, which began Monday and runs through Sunday, May 10, is the oldest reading initiative in the United States, one that deserves recognition and support.

Reading gives clues to brain activity

In a unique study, scientists who peeked into the brains of people caught up in a good book emerged with maps of what a healthy brain does as it reads. The research reported last week has implications for studying reading disorders or recovery from a stroke. The team from Carnegie Mellon University was pleasantly surprised... Read more »

“Despair and excitement” in Royal Society of Canada’s library and archives report

The Royal Society of Canada released its report on Canada’s “libraries, archives, and public memory.” Prepared by a panel of 11 Canadian and international experts, the report collects online submissions and interviews from across the country, in hopes of better understanding how Canadians are currently being served by their libraries and archives, and the ongoing impact of... Read more »