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Libraries are often where we have our first reading experience outside of home and school. In fact, 84% of parents say library access helps develop their children’s love of reading. Encouraging a love of reading is one of the most important things that we can do for children, and for ourselves.  Readers are more likely to volunteer, donate to charities, get better grades, receive post-secondary education, own their home, experience better physical health, have higher incomes, report a ‘strong satisfaction’ with life…even do a favour for a neighbour. Readers are less likely to experience divorce, depression, and dementia.

These facts have inspired our Reading Matters Campaign. It’s both an advertising campaign and an online interactive experience and  we’re  hoping that you’ll  help us spread the word and foster the  love of reading.

But Reading Matters is more than an ad campaign. We want to get people in Canada talking online about why reading matters to them. Did reading help you find a new way of looking at things? A career? The love of your life?

We’re asking readers to share their stories with us on readers can post words, pictures, or video to express what reading has done for you. Reading has done so much for so many, and we think it’s time to return the favour. We’re asking librarians to help spread the word on social networks, make the homepage on library computers, and encourage library patrons to join the conversation.

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